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All students are graded under Sensei in accordance with the school’s curriculum. There are 6 grades to black belt (excluding white) and the curriculum is divided into 3 main areas: Beginner Phase, Intermediate Phase, Advanced Phase.

The assessment criteria contains a pedigree of arts we teach and a combination of systems passed onto Sensei by his teachers. Students are graded in SMA which encompass the following:

Juniors – Jun Fan Gung Fu/Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do Concepts
Seniors – Jun Fan Gung Fu/Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Upon a successful grading, Juniors are awarded a coloured tag to place on their belt which represents the colour of the next belt. Although the tag scheme is an intermediate between belts, it is still acknowledged as a pass.

Gradings are held twice a year and are conducted formally at a pre-arranged date and time. Students are asked to demonstrate the material they have been training, appropriate to their level. This forms an ideal summary of the students development and also acts as a useful tool to ‘pressure test’ the students character.

Students must be invited to attend a grading examination. Continual assessment takes place during every class and Instructors observe ability, attendance, discipline and attitude. Instructors must feel confident the student will pass the assessment if they are to be put forward to grade under Sensei.

Phase 1 - Beginner

Phase 2 - Intermediate

Phase 3 - Advanced
 Black Belt

Instructor Program
Jason Boh’s School Of Martial Arts certifies students as an Instructor in SMA under Jason Boh. The normal entry requirement is black belt in any
art, however, Sensei may use discretion and also invite private students onto the program. Potential Instructors do not necessarily need to be SMA based. This makes an ideal opportunity for other School owners/Instructors to add to their existing skills, if they are unable to attend SMA classes. Individuals will work through the SMA curriculum with a view to at some point, gaining Instructorship and permission to teach the systems within.

Instructor ranking is as follows:

 * Trainee Instructor 1 - 3 (non certified)
 * Level 1 - 5 Instructor
 * Level 6 Full Instructor

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