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Hints & Tips 

Article 1) Attack By Combination - ABC

From the Jun Fan Martial Arts, Bruce Lee produced a set of principles, one of which is ABC.
There are many ways of attacking, either by combination, by feinting first, or by drawing ie: influencing your opponent to attack first in order to expose their vulnerable targets.

The combinations listed below are taken from the kickboxing phase, however, the practitioner may draw upon any other form of combining techniques to unleash onto their opponent.

  1. Lead round kick, cross hook cross, lead round kick.
  2. Lead round kick, cross upper cut cross, lead round kick.
  3. Lead round kick, cross body hook cross, lead round kick.
  4. Lead round kick, over hit upper cut over hit, lead round kick.

This list is not exhaustive and must remain flexible if the practitioner is to explore and find their own methods.
For example, the lead round kick may become a front kick. The way in which the kick is executed may also change from a switch kick, to a pendulum kick.

The drills should be worked in both left and right leads and what is important is the principle.
The method of combining a series of attacks, utilising the arms and legs and occupying both the high and low lines.

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