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Hints & Tips 

Article 3) Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness may be measured by an individual's ability to take on and utilise oxygen as efficiently as possible.

To keep things simple, aerobic fitness may be divided into anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

The anaerobic energy system is normally a short explosive burst of energy which may last for up to 2 minutes. The aerobic system may last indefinitely and the work rate is generally slower with a more consistent pace in order to 'last the distance'.

As Martial Artists we should work both systems. We require our bodies to perform in short explosive bursts, but we also need to be able to have the aerobic capacity to complete the fight / training session etc.

During a sparring session for example, we are not always in control of the fight. The pace of the fight may change depending on the ability of our partner, and also the range. Kicking will require more energy than trapping and clinching.

In my classes I tend to combine aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance type training in order to burn calories, increase the heart rate and tone the muscles.

Example 1:

30 secs Jab Cross on focus pads, 20 secs press ups, shuttle run, repeat 3 times.

Example 2:

20 x Jab Cross on pads, 1 x press up, shuttle run.
20 x Jab Cross on pads, 2 x press ups, shuttle run.
20 x Jab Cross on pads, 3 x press ups, shuttle run.

This can go on for as long as required; I normally set the finish line when the student reaches 10 press ups.

Aerobic conditioning will greatly improve the rate at which you will be able to work at and subsequently improve overall performance.

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