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Hints & Tips ( February 2009 update )

Article 7) Seminars

I recently taught a seminar for Gareth Bezani on Stick and Knife and Jun Fan Kickboxing.

The seminar was attended by over 20 people with varying backgrounds including Kickboxing, Taekwando, Karate, Ju Jitsu and Body Combat!!!

Gareth himself holds senior credentials in 3 of the above arts and he did a wonderful job as host, creating a great atmosphere in which to teach and train. The seminar was followed by a meal, also hosted by Gareth at his hotel, The Anglesey, located in Stokes Bay, Gosport.

I have taught a number of seminars over the years and it always gives me great pleasure to teach and meet people outside of my usual class. Attendees may study different arts to what I teach and experience levels always vary, however, it is both inspiring and refreshing to mix with people who share the same passions and theories. This, to me, highlights the fact that regardless of which art we study, we are all human beings and enjoy the same benefits we get from our individual arts. Sharing amongst friends I believe, is a positive practice to undertake.

I have also been on the other end, as a seminar host. This takes some considerable organising and commitment, but the rewards for me, far out way the negatives. When I host a seminar, it is simply to provide others an opportunity to train with someone whom they may not otherwise be able to train with.

An example is my teacher Terry Barnett. As a result of my initial lesson with Terry, I knew that my school would benefit greatly from this exceptional teacher. Fortunately, Terry accepted the invitation and he now visits my school once a year, drawing in students from many UK cities and towns. Other Instructors I have hosted include Rick Faye, Phil Norman and John Spezzano.

I believe seminars are a great way of communicating with others and sharing material. They allow the opportunity to train with people other than the regulars at class, and in doing so, the networking and sharing continues to develop. They are a great tool for socialising too, and my school often partakes in after seminar activities which inevitably involve a meal followed by a few healthy liquid refreshements!!

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