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Club News Archive

Welcome to the Club News Archive, where you can find all past club news annoucements.

Terry Barnett Seminar

Boxing, Panantukan, footwork, positioning, sweat and a host of legendary guests. Read more...

Rick Faye Seminar Report
Sensei Boh reports on a unforgettable seminar...

Terry Barnett Seminar

Admiral Lord Nelson School
Sunday 16th November
12 - 4pm
cost 35 (spaces limited)

Integrated Martial Arts Seminar

Rick Faye Seminar Update

Many thanks Rick Faye and to all who supported the club. What an incredible evening!

For now just a group photo...

New Hints & Tips
Respect: What does it mean to you?

Rick Faye Seminar

SMA is very proud to host
Rick Faye for this special three hour seminar which will include Jeet Kune Do - Kali, Weaponry and Empty Hands techniques.

Anchorage Lodge Dojo, Portsmouth
Thursday 2nd October, 7 - 10pm
Price 35

Adults only. Non SMA students welcome. Spaces limited, see Seminars page for details.

Read about Rick Faye on his own website.

Filipino Workshop Report
Yet another amazing seminar!! A few pictures to remind those who attended and to inspire those who didn't. (read on)

S.M.A.R.T. 2008
SMA Recreational Training Weekend is here again. Top class training and fantastic woodland surroundings in Hamble. Book early to avoid disappointment. Fri 22nd - Mon 25th August.

See the SMART 2006 Report for details

New Hints & Tips
Sensei Boh talks about Flexibility

Phil Norman MMA Seminar
Bridging the gap, clinch work, take downs, positioning, submissions and much more!
(read more)

MMA Seminar

SMA is proud to announce a Mixed Martial Arts seminar with the legendary Phil Norman.

1st March 2008 11am - 3pm.

Terry Barnett Seminar

Once again SMA is honoured to host the truly awesome Terry Barnett

25th November 2007 (1-5pm)
Anchorage Lodge Dojo.

See the Seminars page for further details including the downloadable registration form.

Please note that places are strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Gallery Updated
New selection of photos from Sensei's SEKU years now in the Gallery.

Sifu Larry Hartsell
(1942 - 2007)

A very sad loss for the Martial Arts world...

Jeet Kune Do Seminar

Sensei Jason Boh teaches the fighting arts of Bruce Lee!

27th September 2007 (1-5pm)
Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth.

Congratulations Mia!

On 23rd July Mia Shirodkar (1st Dan) was awarded Instructor Level 1 under Jason Boh.

Not only was Mia the first female student to be graded to 1st Dan but is also the very first female to be awarded this level. This certification includes the schools curricululm of Shotokan, Jun Fan, Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do.

In The News

Sensei's announcement makes The News ...

Inosanto Academy

Sensei Boh certified as an Instructor by Guru Dan Inosanto.

Guru Suzanne Spezzano

Guru Suzanne Spezzano has produced a DVD on Silat which looks absolutely awesome.

"In my opinion, Guru Suzanne is a perfect example of why more females should train in the Martial Arts." Sensei Boh.


Click the image above for the YouTube video.

Guru John Spezzano

For the second year running Sensei has had the great pleasure to host Guru John...

Congratulations Paul !!!

The first student at SMA to be graded '2nd dan'

Cross Training Seminar

Another great opportunity to get yet more world class instruction from Sensei Boh. These seminars are always fantastic and are a must for any senior student wishing to expand their knowledge.

  • Jeet Kune Do /Jun Fan Martial Arts
  • Fillipino Martial Arts

25th March 2007 (13:00 - 17:00)
Anchorage Lodge Dogo, Portsmouth

Contact a member of staff for a booking form.

Integrated Arts Instructor ...
Sensei Boh is now an Instructor under the Terry Barnett Integrated Arts programme.

  (20/08/2007) ... Sifu Larry Hartsell
  (15/07/2006) ... Sensei Boh in The News
  (02/07/2007) ... Sensei Boh certified as Instructor by Guru Dan Inosanto   
  (29/04/2007) ... Guru John Spezzano
  (01/03/2007) ... Paul Matthews first Nidam at SMA
  (14/01/2007) ... Duncan Lawley 5th Dan Grade at SMA
  (16/10/2006) ... Junior Martial Arts Seminar - 05/11/2006
  (20/09/2006) ... Cross Training Seminar Report - 10/09/2006
  (20/09/2006) ... SMART 2006 Report - 25/08/2006
  (03/08/2006) ... Cross Training Seminar - 10/09/2006
  (02/08/2006) ... Terry Barnett Seminar - 29/10/2006
  (02/08/2006) ... SMART 2006 - 25/08/2006
  (25/07/2006) ... Fareham club with be moving to Cams Hill School Gym
  (21/05/2006) ... Guru John Spezzano Seminar
  (13/02/2006) ... Junior Students, Introduction of Mon Grades
  (26/01/2006) ... Sensei's Trip to LA (Back, Safe and Educated)
  (12/01/2006) ... Senior JKD Seminar
  (11/01/2006) ... Sensei Boh in L.A.
  (01/01/2006) ... SMA Is Expanding !!!
  (27/11/2005) ... Terry Barnett Seminar - November 2005
  (09/09/2005) ... SMART 2005
  (02/07/2005) ... Inosanto London 2005
  (03/04/2005) ... Terry Barnett Seminar - April 2005
  (30/11/2004) ... Judgement Day 2004

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