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Sensei Jason Boh • Qualifications
• Who's Who

I began my journey in 1983 when I was 9 years old, under Sensei Mervin O'Donnell. I began learning Shotokan
Karate and gained my Shodan (1st Dan) black belt when I was 13. I then became very active in assisting my
Sensei in teaching classes and continued to work through the grading system for my own development. I competed regularly and represented The South Of England Karate Union (now Shotokan Of England) at national level.

Whilst attending a Geoff Thompson seminar I was very fortunate to train under Rick Young who indirectly introduced me to Jeet Kune Do (JKD). Not knowing how world widely renowned Rick is for his abilities as an instructor and martial artist, I was in awe of this fantastic individual and came away totally inspired. I immediately looked for a decent JKD school local to me and remembered a man named Bob Breen who taught JKD in London.

One phone call later, I found myself on a JKD/Kali International Instructor Camp for a weekend's worth of training under one of the best JKD Instructors in Europe and a full instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's friend and training partner). I have been studying with Guru Bob Breen for a number of years now and am currently apprentice level 2 under his JKD/ Kali International programme. I make regular trips to his academy in London where I enjoy training under Guru and alongside other top quality martial artists from across Europe.

During another JKD seminar, I was fortunate to be introduced to a man called Terry Barnett. Terry is also a full instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto and teaches from his home in Hertfordshire. I have been a private student of Terry's for some time now and I honestly feel that I have progressed rapidly due to his ability to be able to break things down and pass on knowledge which is easy to understand.
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