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Martial Art Styles

Jason Boh's School of Martial Arts predominantly teaches the following styles to form the basic of it's students training. Other styles are studied on occasion.

Jeet Kune Do Jun Fan Martial Arts Filipino Martial Arts Grappling

Jun Fan Martial Arts   

Founded by the late Bruce Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu incorporates elements of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system which Bruce Lee modified, and utilises various training methods such as trapping, energy drills, and wooden dummy forms.

Jun Fan Kickboxing incorporates elements of western boxing combined with the kicking methods from other martial arts systems including the Korean and Japanese arts.

Combining drills which feature punching, kicking, trapping, take-downs and grappling and use 'alive' equipment such as focus pads, allows the student to escape static drilling , encouraging un-rehearsed movements which are more likely to be encountered in combat.

Jun Fan Gung Fu is also an excellent method of aerobic and muscular endurance conditioning.

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