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Martial Art Styles

Jason Boh's School of Martial Arts predominantly teaches the following styles to form the basic of it's students training. Other styles are studied on occasion.

Jeet Kune Do Jun Fan Martial Arts Filipino Martial Arts Grappling

Filipino Martial Arts (seniors only)

A very comprehensive art addressing all ranges of combat, Filipino Martial Arts combines both weaponry and empty hand methods.

Weaponry used includes single stick, double stick, single knife, double knife, stick and knife and flexible weapons. These weapons may be translated into normal everyday items such as a rolled up newspaper for self-defence purposes. The student learns the various angles of attack and this then assists in practising disarms and counter techniques.

Panantukan is one element of the empty hand phase of Kali, and is often referred to as "Filipino boxing". Similar in structure to western boxing (but without the sport's limitations), Panantukan allows the person to use all elements of the upper body and targets may include eyes, groin and nerve points. The system also incorporates the disturbance of an opponent's body balance and manipulation of their limbs.

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