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Training Uniform • Fees
• Equipment

Below is a list of the various SMA uniform items.

Item Pic SMA Price
SMA T-shirt [s,m,l,xl] (basic uniform) 15
SMA Bottoms [110 - 200cm] (basic uniform) - 20
Karate Belt (includes certificate) ** - 5
SMA Vest Mens [s,m,l,xl] 15
SMA Vest Ladies [s,m,l,xl] 15
SMA Grappling Vest [s,m,l,xl] - 15
SMA Hooded Sweatshirt [s,m,l,xl] - 30
SMA Zip Neck Sweatshirt [s,m,l,xl] - 30
SMA Ladies Full Zip Sweatshirt [s,m,l,xl] - 28
SMA Jogging Bottoms [s,m,l,xl] - 25

** Available upon each successful grading.

What Do I Need?
The basic uniform comprises of an SMA T-Shirt, SMA Bottoms and Karate Belt.

Note: Students must have full basic uniform in order to grade.
Note: It is compulsory for students to wear a gum shield for sparring. These can be purchased through SMA.

Club Forms
Please click here to access the various club forms including the equipment ordering form available for download

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