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Welcome to SMA - Announcement

BJJ Seminar - 28/10/2018

Held on Sunday 28th October 2018 at the SMA Academy

Train under Gracie Black Belt Professor Dave Birkett in this fascinating art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
A very comprehensive all round self defence system. Suitable for all levels.

£30 pre-book online. (£40 on the day.) Seniors Only (13:00 - 16:00)    book now 

Terry Barnett Seminar - 18/11/2018

Held on Sunday 18th November 2018 at the SMA Academy

We welcome back Terry Barnett for his annual seminar at SMA.
World class tuition in JKD & Kali in Terry's Integrated Arts approach to the martial arts.

Seniors Only (12:00 - 16:00)

£35 Gold Membership  book gold  £40 Silver & Guests  book silver 

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