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Welcome to SMA

Thank you for visiting the web site of Jason Boh's School Of Martial Arts (SMA). The aim of the site is to act as a source of reference for people who may be interested in learning Martial Arts, as well as existing students and instructors.

SMA's aim is to produce highly skilled all rounded Martial Artists who will be competent in defending themselves and others against unprovoked attack. Through constant character development in discipline, respect and humility they will be upholding members of society.


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SMA strives to encourage all students to achieve their maximum potential. SMA encompasses a broad range of Arts in order to provide as much versatility and freedom in movement as possible. As Bruce Lee said: "using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation". Rather than placing restrictions on movement, SMA offers an integration of arts using Jeet Kune Do principles which may flow from Jun Fan Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts and Grappling to name a few. The name of the art is not so important, instead, what is important is identifying ranges and selecting the right tool for the right job. The individual is also a key component, what may work for one, may not work for another. We all have to find our own 'way' without imitating or trying to be someone else. Continual evaluation of our skills will help us in this process.

Although a strong emphasis is based on being functional, some training drills are practised in order to build motor skills, muscle memory reflex, timing, speed, power and good old fashioned 'attitude and spirit'. The main principles are based on directness, simplicity and economy of motion.

Regular classes held in Portsmouth, Whiteley & Northern Ireland